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Atlanta Federal Center’s Historic Building and Midrise Building

Project Owner General Services Administration Atlanta, Georgia Project Highlights The Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal Center is a sprawling office complex located in the very center of downtown Atlanta, Georgia and consists of the nearly 100 year old historic former Rich’s Department Store Bldg. as well as new Mid-rise and High-rise office additions. The project’s scope included the structural investigation and analysis of the Rich’s bldg. existing roof framing system, as well as the Mid-rise framing, to determine if they would accept the weight of a new vegetated green roof. After determining that they would safely support the new loads, design
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Replace Roofs, Bldgs. 215 and 501

Project Owner Southwestern State Hospital Thomasville, Georgia Project Highlights Removal and Replacement of Existing Aggregate Surfaced BUR roofs down to the deck. Both buildings occupied continuously by clients during contractor’s work. New roof systems were Modified Bitumen.
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Arnall Building

Project Owner Georgia Department of Corrections Project Highlights Removal of existing smooth surface built-up roofing on low slope roof areas and clay tile on steep slope roof areas. New roof systems included three tab asphalt shingles on steep slope areas and modified bitumen on low slope roof areas. Total roof area was approximately 20,000 ft2. Construction Cost of Project was $188,400.00.
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