MEC&A is a speciality consulting firm located in Macon, Georgia specializing in providing building envelope/enclosure (i.e. roofing, waterproofing, and exterior walls) consulting, structural engineering , and hazardous materials (i.e. mold, lead-based paint, and asbestos) consulting services . Our firm routinely accomplishes work throughout the State of Georgia and the Southeast U.S.




Roof Consulting is the evaluation of existing roofs, determination of the most appropriate and cost effective design solution, preparation of plans and specifications, forensic inspections, construction monitoring, and serving as an expert witness.




Waterproofing Consulting is the investigation of above grade and below grade water entry problems in basements, parking garages, plaza decks and vegetative “green” roofs and the determination of the most appropriate and cost effective waterproofing measure.


Exterior Wall


Exterior Wall Consulting is the performing of condition assessments of the vertical portion of the building envelope including the cladding, fenestration, decorative elements, and structure with an eye to determining corrective actions to deal with the problems identified.